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Technician Training

Technician Training

Technician Training
Our trucks have been delivering the merchandise to retail outlets in major shopping malls and cities throughout North America for many years. Our Specialized Retail Services Division is based on top of the solid infrastructure...

Diesel Technician

Efficiency Training

Today’s diesel technicians need to be as skilled with a wrench as they are with a laptop. Learn modern diagnostics and Aftertreatment maintenance with our Training Solutions.

Diesel Technician Efficiency Training includes things like:

  1. rapid troubleshooting
  2. accurate, root cause diagnostics
  3. repair forecasting
  4. measuring/tracking Aftertreatment health
  5. non-fault code dependent diagnostics

Our training blends the new school with the old school. We teach today’s diesel technicians how to “find the smoke” on engines that no longer smoke, using today’s technology and tools. This training is guaranteed to reduce downtime and repair costs.

CONTACT US today for information about our different training programs. Training is available for all experience and skill levels.

Give your technicians the skills to maintain today’s trucks

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