1. Delivery trucks usually have DPF plugging issues
  2. DPF plugging issues cause downtime and expensive repairs
  3. You can eliminate DPF failure in less than 15 minutes

If you manage a delivery fleet, then it is likely you are experiencing ongoing issues related to the Aftertreatment system. There are unique issues related directly to delivery trucks which impact DPF and Aftertreatment efficiency. The good news is that Cummins has provided an easy fix. If you are experiencing premature DPF failure and Aftertreatment issues with your delivery fleet, then keep reading to learn how to fix it!

What is Causing DPF Plugging in My Delivery Truck?

When it comes to delivery trucks, DPF issues are far too common place. The stop-and-go driving, high idle, and low average speed typical in delivery trucks causes the problem. The type of driving seen in delivery trucks is far different than the driving done by they typical over-the-road truck. Delivery truck type of use does not allow the DPF and DOC to maintain enough heat to clean the DPF. Additionally, this type of use also causes regens to stop before they finish.

Dealing with premature DPF failure is problem enough, however, DPF plugging issues also cause more downtime and repairs for your delivery fleet. This is due to the simple fact that if the DPF is constantly dirty and plugged, all the other Aftertreatment components have to work harder fighting the back pressure of the dirty filter. This causes progressive damage to those parts, and causes them to fail prematurely as well.

A DPF plugging problem is trouble for your entire Aftertreatment system.

How to LEGALLY Fix DPF Plugging Issues

The great news is that Cummins has provided a fix for this issue. If your delivery truck is equipped with a Cummins engine and Aftertreatment, then you can fix these common issues, on your own, in less than 15 minutes.

This is possible because your Aftertreatment and DPF is controlled by the truck’s ECM. The ECM has certain settings in it that control everything from acceleration, cruise control, and the entire Aftertreatment system. 9 times out of 10, the Aftertreatment features for your truck have not been set up for the unique use of delivery trucks. In order to improve your delivery truck’s DPF and Aftertreatment, you just need to make sure the correct DPF features are enabled.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a computer engineer or Dealership to turn on the right features. You just need to have a licensed version of Cummins Insite, and a little bit of help to make sure you understand which features you need to look at.

The Country’s Only DPF Efficiency Training

Diesel Fleet Solutions has put together a quick and simple, step-by-step training video to walk you through making these adjustments. In the video, we go over the TOP-5 Cummins Features that should be adjusted if you operate a delivery truck. These recommendations are DIRECT FROM CUMMINS to address the common problems of frequent need for stationary regeneration and excessive regeneration. Once set up, your delivery truck will be able to keep the DPF cleaner, for longer.

Ready to improve your delivery truck? Simply REGISTER HERE and purchase the “CUMMINS TOP-5 AFTERTREATMENT FEATURES training membership.

In less than 15 minutes, you can instantly improve the efficiency of your aftertreatment system. This will REDUCE premature DPF failure and other common aftertreatment failures!

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