1. Modern trucks need modern maintenance
  2. Take advantage of Cummins
  3. Reduce downtime and speed up diagnostics and troubleshooting

A modern, emission compliant fleet typically suffers from frequent downtime. More time at the Dealer, and less time on the road does not help the bottom line. One of the most common complaints we hear when we are consulting a fleet is that the in-house service team is so busy dealing with breakdowns and de-rates that they don’t have time to do any maintenance.

Without a doubt, it is extremely time consuming and costly to have to send a tech out on a road call for a truck that has suddenly de-rated. The thing is, modern trucks require a modern approach to maintenance. Have you provided any aftertreatment specific training to your in-house service team? Do your technicians understand how to utilize a laptop and manufacturer software to maintain, diagnose, and troubleshoot your fleet? These are skills that are required by any fleet that wants to reduce the downtime and expense that comes with relying on the Dealer for emission repairs.

Diesel Fleet Solutions provides Cummins specific technician training. Our Rapid Troubleshooting and Diagnostics certification is a comprehensive and real-world approach to maintenance. This training is built around implementing manufacturer recommendations and best practices. Our training will improve the ability for your service team to PREVENT premature aftertreatment failure. Additionally, your team will be able to manage and track fleet efficiency, and QUICKLY troubleshoot and diagnose issues.

Stop with the Dealer Mentality

The “Dealer Mentality”, as we call it, is that frequent downtime and DPF failure is just how things go nowadays. It has become an expectation that your trucks will be in the service center every 3 months or so with another aftertreatment related failure. Of course, for the Dealer, this has been a great economic windfall.

Training with Diesel Fleet Solutions will empower you to keep your fleet running efficiently and reliably. For example, your fleet should be able to meet or exceed manufacturer recommended DPF intervals. It should not be suffering from constant premature DPF failure.

The company said its 2016 ISX15 engine is now capable of an extended DPF ash cleaning interval reaching up to 500,000 miles for conventional linehaul applications with fuel economy greater than 5.5 MPG; a longer interval that results from engine “design enhancements” that reduced oil consumption and ash accumulation, noted Amy Boerger, VP of sales and support for Cummins, in a statement.

Take Advantage of Cummins

The quickest way to improve your fleet is to take advantage of Cummins. Cummins provides an incredible level of control and support. The best way to take advantage of this is by utilizing Cummins Insite software along with Cummins Quickserve Online. Diesel Fleet Solutions’ aftertreatment training program will show your technicians how to utilize these programs. Even techs without a lot of software experience will greatly benefit from this training.

We know that you would never expect your technicians to be able to make a repair without the right tools. A modern fleet requires modern tools and training. In order to properly maintain a modern fleet, maximize efficiency, and provide rapid and accurate diagnostics, Cummins Insite and Quickserve Online are the right tools.

Blending Modern Maintenance with Traditional Maintenance

In designing our Cummins aftertreatment training program, we realized that focusing only on technology and software would only solve half the problem. So we created a comprehensive program. We combine the use of available technology, like Cummins Insite, with a real world, hands-on approach to maintenance and troubleshooting. In other words, we want to utilize your technicians experience and knowledge in mechanical repair and diagnostics, and strengthen their skillset by adding in today’s modern tools.

The result has proven to be a highly successful and easily adoptable maintenance training system that is guaranteed to improve diagnostics, identify issues early, and reduce downtime and average repair cost.

Improve Fleet Efficiency Today

The best thing about Diesel Fleet Solutions is that we provide actionable advice and training. Our training and advice can be implemented almost immediately. We know that every day of downtime is money lost, so we don’t waste time with long, drawn out training programs. We know what your fleet needs in order to run more efficiently and reliably, and we are eager to show you. Want proof? Take the 15 minute challenge!

The 15 Minute Challenge

If you send us an ECM image showing us your trip report, aftertreatment history, and ECM settings, we will provide you with a *FREE* audit that explains where you are having issues, and what can be done to fix it. 

In less than 15 minutes, you can instantly improve the efficiency of your aftertreatment system, which will REDUCE premature DPF failure and other common aftertreatment failures!



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