1. A DPF delete is illegal and sometimes make things worse for your fleet
  2. Your new truck has untapped capabilities that work better than a DPF delete
  3. You don’t have to do the Dealership Dance, you can fix this yourself, in about 15 minutes

If you are trying to manage an emission compliant fleet, then you know that you basically have to just throw away about 35% of your margins to account for aftertreatment related maintenance, repairs, and downtime. Some fleets, in a desperate act to remain in business, resort to DPF delete kits, thinking this will solve their problems. Does a DPF delete help reduce downtime and repairs? In some cases, yes. Unfortunately, in many more cases, “backyard” DPF deletes and “delete programming” just makes things much worse. Not to mention the potential for hefty compliance fines, and you know, contribution to environmental damage.

Skip the crap shoot and instead learn how to take advantage of the amazing technology built into these new trucks.

Your Factory Truck is NOT Ready for the Road

When you bought your new, emission compliant truck, you naturally assumed it was all set up to get right to work. After all, you had picked out your gears, and tires, and maybe a few more custom features witCummins DPF failure-Diesel Fleet Solutionsh your salesguy. You got it out on the road, and it was EPIC. Until it wasn’t. This 6-figure machine of modern technology likely started plugging up and shutting down on you just months into ownership.


Frustrating for sure, but hey, that’s what dealer warranties are for right? So you roll in and leave the keys, and if you’re lucky you’re back on the road within a few weeks.

Sound familiar? If you’re being told that “this is just the way it is”, then you’re being lied to. The fact is, your new truck was NOT ready for the road.

Generic ECM Programming is Destroying Your Fleet

Of all the fancy technology that goes into modern aftertreatment systems, the brain of the operation is the ECM. It is the computer that collects and interprets feedback and data from the entire system, and also controls how and when things work.

Straight from the Dealership, the ECM is programmed with generic factory settings. The basics. However, available on every Cummins truck are “owner accessible” features and parameters. These features and parameters are how to LEGALLY maximize the efficiency of your truck and prevent premature DPF failure and aftertreatment failure. When set up properly, your truck will finally be able to regen properly and completely, and your DPF will work the way it was supposed to. A properly programmed truck will run waaaay better than a truck with a DPF delete.

Get Smart, Skip the DPF Delete

The best thing is, you don’t need to run to your Dealer to get this done. Why would you anyways?? If they knew how to do this right, why didn’t they in the first place? And if they tell you it doesn’t work or voids your warranty or is ILLEGAL…well then you should probably consider if they benefit more from your ongoing and frequent repairs, or from proper ECM programming that prevents common aftertreatment failure.

With training from Diesel Fleet Solutions, you can instantly improve how your fleet runs, in about 15 minutes. What do you have to lose? CALL TODAY!






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